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          This website is provided by Road Accident Victims Protection Company Limited as Thailand National Bureau of Insurance and administrator of ASEANCOB website, referred to as "we". This website uses cookies and other tools to help distinguish your website usage from other users. Which will help you to get a good experience from using the website and help us to improve quality of the website. If you continue browsing on this website, you signify your consent to the use of cookies.

          What is a cookie?
         A cookie is a small text file that consists of pieces of information from download that may be stored in your web browser or other devices which is connect to the internet (such as a computer, smartphone or tablet) which the server can access later, like the memory of the webpage.
         Cookie helps us to collect and store the information when you visit our website automatically including.
             • Internet Domain and IP Address when you access to the website.
             • Browser type, software, as well as the operating system used to access the website.
             • Date and time when you access to the website
             • Address of the other websites that link you to our website and
             • The website that you visited and take you from our website, including the content and how long you viewed the page.

          Types of cookies we may use
         Our website may use types of cookies but not limited to the following.
             • Strictly Necessary Cookies : This type of cookies is essential to the operation of the website including cookies which allows you to access and use our website safely.
             • Analytical / Performance Cookies : This type of cookies will help us to recognize and record the number of visitors to the website, to understand how users use our website and help us to improve the quality of the website and to collect statistics about how the users access and visit to our website which helps us to improve the website performance so that users have a better experience. And help us to know the user’s interests and we can measure the effectiveness of our adverts.
             • Functionality Cookies : This type of cookies will recognize you when you return to our website, which will help us to customize the content, adjust our website to serve your interests including recognizing your setting such as language, region or size of the font you have set on our website.
             • Targeting Cookies : This type of cookies will store your visit to the website, the webpage and links that you viewed. We will use this information to adjust the web content to match your interests. We may also share this information with third parties for these purposes.
          Please note that some types of cookies on this website organized by third party such as widgets, video, maps, social media and other website providers such as website visitor analysis services etc. These cookies are usually for analysis/evaluate or improve the content to target audience. You should read the cookies policy and privacy policy on third party websites as they may use your information.

          Cookies setting
        You may prevent the use of cookies by setting your browser. You may refuse to install all or certain types of cookies. But be aware that if you set your browser by refusing all cookie (Including cookies that are necessary) You may not be able access to all or some of our webpages.
        Whenever you wish to cancel your consent to use cookies, you can change your browser setting on cookies to delete cookies from web browser that you use.
        If you need more information, please click "Help" in your web browser to learn more details.

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