Compulsory Motor Insurance in ASEAN


Brunei Darussalam

For anyone driving a motor vehicle on the road.



  • Third party liability for commercial vehicles,
  • Passenger Liability for passenger transport means (bus)
  • TPL for other types of vehicles yet to be determined

    Injury /Death : Minimum 5,000 USD - 250,000 USD base on motor vehicle type.



  • Passengers of public transport
  • Third party liability of motor vehicle by taking into account who is at fault in the event of accident (fault system).- Limited compensation for death, disability, medical cost and burial expenses.

    Injury : 20,000,000 IDR

    Death : 50,000,000 IDR


Laos PDR

  • Third Party Liability cover
  • Every victim of road accident must be protected, according to Notice from MOF N.0772 date 24/04/2009,  settlement under no fault principle
  • Bodily injury, Death or Total Permanent Disability, Medical expenses, Material Damages

    Injury : 101,400,000 LAK (12,675 USD) per Accident

    Death : 12,000,000 LAK (1,500 USD) per person



  • Third Party Injury



  • Third – Party
  • Death, bodily injury

    -In case of Bodily Injury 
    maximum 2,400,000 Kyats per person

    -In case of Death
    3,000,000 Kyats per person



  • For Death and Bodily Injury

    Injury /Death : 100,000 PHP



  • Death and bodily injury only.

    Injury /Death : Unlimited amount



  • The CMI cover only covers life and bodily injury, vehicle and property damage are not included.
  • Maximum Coverage (including preliminary coverage) is compensation that the company will pay in the event of a loss or bodily injury (applying fault basis)

    1. Bodily injury (for passenger, third party) not more than 80,000 Bath.

    2. Loss of life or Permanent disability (for passenger, third party) 500,000 Bath.

    3. Daily payment to cover loss of earnings in the event of hospitalization (inpatient) 4,000 Baht. 200 Baht per day (maximum 20 days per occurrence) maximum sum not more than 504,000 Baht.


  • The third party’s bodily injury, death and damages to properties caused by the motor vehicles.
  • Bodily injury and death of passengers in the motor vehicles as per transportation contract caused by other motor vehicles.

    Injury / Death : 70,000,000VND/person/accident

   Blue Card Scheme

Why is it important ?

Blue Card is the document evidencing the existence of compulsory motor vehicle insurance policy issued by ASEAN Compulsory Motor Insurance System (ACMI) in accordance with provision of the Protocol 5 of AFAFGIT.

The scheme has been updated under the revised Blue Card Directive from paper to electronic Blue Card.


Details in the Blue Card. 

ASEAN Transport Agreements require goods carrying vehicles and transit transport vehicles, to obtain compulsory motor insurance of the transit country and destination country before crossing the border.  When purchase the Compulsory Motor Insurance or Third-Party Liability the insured will receive an insurance policy and Blue Card (Electronic Blue Card) to identify with the competent authority before crossing the border.

1. Blue Card no.
2. Insurance company
3. Name of the insured
4. Vehicle registration
5. Policy no.
6. Period of the coverage
7. The origin and destination country
8. Names and addresses of the National Bureau of Insurance in the contracting party.

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